Palm Change for 8 Inner Palms/Deer Horn Knives Form

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72 Movement Medium Form List
Medium Form List
Standing Meditation Positions and Principles
Pushing-Hands: 10 Basic Drills
Pushing Hands 10 Basic Drills
MMTCA Pushing-Hands Curriculum 2018
MMTCA Pushing Hands Curriculum 2018
Pa-Kua 8 Inner Palms


Guided Meditation Audio
WARNING: Do not listen to this while driving!


Standing Meditation
Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
Tai-Chi 72-Movement Medium Form
Dragon Form
Used with permission from Grandmaster Wai-lun Choi
Video by D. Polsfuss, 1996
Tai-Chi Cane Form, Back View
Tai-Chi Cane Form, Front View
Tai-Chi 4-Direction Spear Form
Tai-Chi 4-Corner Spear Form
Tai-Chi 5-Element Spear Form
Pa-Kua Chang 8 Inner Palms
Karambit Form
First Section 72-Movement Medium Form
Second Section 72-Movement Medium Form
Third Section 72-Movement Medium Form
Parry and Punch in the 72-Movement Medium Form: Four Variations
Tai-Chi San-Shou Form, First Section
Tai-Chi San-Shou Form, Second Section
Tai-Chi San-Shou Form, Third Section
Karombit Application
Baguazhang Palm Change for 8 Inner Palms/Deer Horn Knives Form
Double Saber Form
Sifu Choi teaching Pa Kua Chang Mother Palms Form 3rd Palm Change
Hsing Yi Kwan Do


Historical Archives

Li ChienFei — Ta Mo Sword

Liang Tung-Tsai — Double Sword with Tassel

Wei Shao Tung — 3 Videos